The Ultimate Router Table?

I’m having increasing doubts about “The Ultimate Router Table”.  Not that I don’t think I was on the right track, but I just can’t get it to the level of quality I want for the price.   So the promise of what the table could be is still seemingly just out of reach – I can’t seem to get the quality I demand without constantly having to compromise in other areas.  Some standards in the industry would not go astray.  And some QA on what is being made would be really beneficial as well.

So I’m now re-considering my options, and just how to get the quality and functionality I want.

I’m still sold on the concept of a cast iron top, with MagSwitch featherboards.  And the incorporation of the Incra LS17″ for its incredible fence positioning.  All other aspects are up for negotiation.

This may even result in one, or even two Triton routers becoming available for sale (and my routers have the significantly superior US Triton collet system).

Wonder what is behind this door?

Is that the light at the end of the tunnel, or just another train?

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  1. What is the superior US Triton collet system ?

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