Steel City

I had reason to pop across to the Steel City website, and I guess I haven’t been on there for a long time because the first thing that jumped out of the screen at me was their awesome logo.

steelcitylogoBeing a fan of molten steel, forging, casting, etc, the idea that there is still an industry based around what is a very old material is very appealing. So seeing a logo embodying that very topic has immediate appeal for me!  But it is a cool logo.

Their byline also works on a number of levels: By Woodworkers for Woodworkers.

What I was looking for were the specs on the Granite Angle Gauge, but I’m now wondering if it is so new as to almost be a prototype, as I couldn’t find it on their site.

Shame some of their other tools can’t be sourced in Oz – it would make for a hell of a workshop! (Of course don’t try using MagSwitch technology on their granite topped tools!)

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