Back to Being Firewood

After lots of planing, sanding, assessing and ……no, that’s about it…… the reclaiming effort resulted in

slightly smaller pieces of firewood.

There were just too many checks, holes, cracks, splits and insect damage to justify continuing with the firewood reclaimation. Oh well, no harm, no foul.

On a slightly unrelated topic, it again went to show the value in a drum sander – these pieces were not suitable in size to be fed through the thicknesser, but the drum sander handled them with ease.

I did try changing the grit of the paper on the drum to the heaviest grade available (60), and although I managed it, the precut roll that I had bought specifically for that model was…..the wrong size. It was too long by a surprising amount.  Course I them had to debate – return it, with the possibility that all the others are probably wrong as well, or cut it down to the right size?  I went with the second option, and as much as I tried matching it up with the length that I had removed from the sander (that had come with the machine), I still managed to stuff it up somehow.  Pretty much set the theme for the rest of the weekend too, in hindsight.

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