Grand Central Station

Been like the proverbial around here today (and will be even more so tomorrow!)

Plenty of successful eBay bidders picking up their new tools (hope everyone is happy!).
Had Carl around to have a look at my TS10L.  Not sure if he was convinced or not, but I’m a big fan of the saw – wonder if it came across!

Also (with all that going on), had a mate around with his new lathe for the first mini-turnfest.  While there was a window of opportunity, we had both lathes up and running, making plenty of sawdust & chips.

Got to use my new Tormek jigs as well, to tidy some of my chisels that needed some TLC.  It’s a slow process, so not something I plan on doing as the only sharpening method, but with an aluminium oxide wheel on a grinder for quick touch-ups during turning, and then being able to get them back to an ideal shape as required.

Tomorrow Grand Central opens again nice and early, with the last collections of tools occuring, and more excitingly, finally some real power will arrive at the shed.  No, not another tool (yet), but real green steam.  I’ve ‘made do’ for so long, running extension cords, upgrading extension cords to ones that can carry more amperage, and still struggled to run the tools I need simultaneously.  (Lights, dust extractor, air filter, tablesaw or router, stereo).

Hopefully after all this, I will again be able to restore a sense of order to the shop, and get back on track for the longer term progress.  That router table is certainly begging to be completed.

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