Kreg Clamp

Can’t remember if I mentioned it before or not (quite possibly), but this is one of the Kreg Pockethole clamps in action

Kreg Pockethole Clamp

Kreg Pockethole Clamp

One end of the clamp has the normal head – flat, tiltable etc.  The other end however looks a bit weird, because it tapers to quite a thin section.  It isn’t wrong, it is just designed to fit right into a pockethole and clamp against the bottom of the hole so you can then easily put screws into the other pocketholes.  Needless to say I’ve been finding it really convenient (I was going to say ‘handy’, but thought better of it).

If you do any pockethole joinery, then this is definitely worth considering.

Speaking of pocketholes, since doing the review (and the video (that tape of which is around here somewhere waiting for me to have time to process it)), I keep finding uses for the jig.  A  very quick, practical way of making a strong joint, particularly in MDF and particleboard (materials that do not glue well).

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