Enz of an Era

It seems an appropriate title, on a number of levels.
The (temporary) reformation of Split Enz for the recent charity concert Sound Relief.

The end for me of having a near complete collection of Triton gear – especially reminiscent when checking and watching leave the Triton Router Table. The bandsaw and 3 in 1, and the WC2000 all ventured out into the great wide world as well. The WC2000 is heading up to the recent bushfire affected areas, to replace one that was lost in the blaze, so I’m pleased about that.

The apparent end of Triton demonstrating (although that died a quiet death with the demise of Triton – who knows what the future holds).

The fact that Split Enz has a song “History Never Repeats”. But that does have to be offset by Sean Connery as 007: “Never Say Never”……….

So as the cleanup after my biggest ever Ebay sale continues, seeing how much Ebay now take by forcing you to offer PayPal as a payment option really sucks. One sale, on top of the advertising fee and the end of auction fee, the PayPal fee really eats into the bottom line. The PayPal fee alone for that one sale was $20. Unfortunately, there really doesn’t seem to be a better way to sell Triton, but they really take their pound of flesh these days.

Some space is slowly revealing itself again, and I’m already getting some benefits from freeing up resources. I have an electrician already booked for Monday to come and run 40A of power down to the shed, and its own 5 circuit board (inc 2x 15A circuits). No idea why it was so hard getting an electrician – I had one come to quote, who never got back to me with a quote, one who never even returned my initial phonecall(s) (and messages), one that wasn’t interested, and the final one who gave me a quote that I could manage. So much for getting 3 quotes – I was lucky to finally get one! Thought we were in a recession? Guess not, at least I guess there is too much work for electricians out there to take on work that is available!

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  1. I’ve found the Grey Army a good source for tradies (I’ve had the same experience as you in the past).

    • Have wondered about that in the past – tried to get one out for some gardening, who never showed up either!

      Might have to try that one again – never seem to have time to do anything productive out there!

  2. Stu:

    Why not run your own electrical? You simply need to know the electrical code in your neck of the woods and plan accordingly. I assume you are running this as a sub-panel off the main breaker box on your house, so adding this is a simple matter (e.g. turn off main breaker, add 40A circuit breaker to main panel, tie in hot, neutral and ground wires, run through conduit into ground trench that leads to shed). Running a trench and underground burial (or better yet, conduit) is probably the hardest part. Then, you put in your subpanel in the shed. Given all the tools and expertise you have, I’m surprised you would hire a pro for this. Well, except the time issue of course!

    I’m a big Split Enz fan as well. They were quite the early 80’s item on this side of the Pacific.

    • Sometime it is nice just being able to throw a bit of money at a problem and have it go away.

      I was doing quite a bit of electrical while in the Navy (the Mechanical Engineering branch were responsible for power generation on board the ships), so I do find it all pretty straightforward, but then it is nice to have it done properly, and finished well, and not have to think about it. I couldn’t even be bothered digging the ditch – made it all their problem.

      Given how long they were here (and there were 2 of them), and that they knew what they were doing, and were younger and fitter than I am, what they did in 7 hours or so (equating to 14 man-hours), would have taken me well over 20. Given my time constraints, 20 hours equates to days and weeks of shed time. To my mind then, it was worth every cent!

  3. Just been reading the research on the new tools/machinery…. sad…. with the demise of your TRITON and like range, the SHED is heading upward and sadly away from the home handy person realm into maybe the realm of the semi-pro and beyond…..

    Great for your talents and ambitions, but a loss for the ‘mug’, rank amateur, backyarder, weekend wood-destroyer…… just my 2 bob’s worth Stuart 😦

    • Yeah, it is sad, but we have been pushed to this point by GMC as much as anything.

      Also too, as one improves their woodworking with time and practice (and this website certainly encourages me to get more shed time than I might have otherwise), then you do get to a point where upgrading tools is a necessary step.

      On the other hand, (and there are multiple points here), I still have a strong knowledge base for the Triton product range, both current and past. A tool is a tool is a tool – whether you choose to use a Triton tablesaw, or a TS10L, in the end both are tablesaws, and have a lot in common wrt purpose and technique. Same with a bandsaw, thicknesser, router table etc etc.

      For example, what I talk about with thicknessers will be pretty much equal in usefulness to owners of DeWalt, Jet, Carbatec, Triton, GMC, Ryobi etc thicknessers. Just because I’ve upgraded mine to a cast-iron bed, 3HP model just means mine can cope with a bit more work, material size etc than a GMC12 1/2″, but the principle is the same.

      All comes down to the man, rather than the machine. Just because I’ve opted for larger, heavier electron murderers doesn’t mean that I’m going to be any different to the shed dweller that i was!

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