Router Table Stand

Happened to be passing through Carbatec this morning (exchanging those Cole Jaws discussed Sunday), and saw something in the entranceway with a big “as is- $50” sign on it.

It was a stand for a planer (jointer) without the jointer on top, and one glance at that and I knew I’d found the perfect base for my under-construction router table!

Tool Stand

As you can see, in next to no time it was sitting in the back of my (small) car (I knew I should have taken the bigger one today!)

It means my router table will fit right in with the other large workshop tools, and even has a built in dust extraction port.  As an added bonus, it even has wheels, which will save on the cost of a wheeled stand – that saves $100 alone!

It is quite low, which is a good thing as I am going to have to raise the top up anyway to fit the routers hanging below the table.  That will give me an opportunity to create some drawers (and I’m going to have to make sure they are made right – dovetails etc!) for things like the router table accessories, Incra templates etc.

I’m not loosing all that cabinet space either – it is still perfectly useable as storage – may just have to put a shelf or two in there!

A win for the good guys 😉

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