Nova Cole Jaws

Bought some of these the other day- seemed like a good idea at the time (still is, but I’ll get to the but…)

Nova Cole Jaws

Nova Cole Jaws

They are designed to be able to reverse-mount a bowl (I have these delusions of grandeur that I might actually be able to turn something so elaborate as a bowl one day – I know it isn’t THAT hard, but like a lot of things, there is expecting that one can do something, and actually proving it).

Expanding vs Contracting Modes

Expanding vs Contracting Modes

(These images were taken from the Nova web site fwiw).  The benefit of being able to mount a bowl like this is to be able to remove the chuck marks from the bottom of the bowl, or remount it for finishing.

Cut-Away showing the jaws in action

Cut-Away showing the jaws in action

Now for the but…..I read the boxes for the Cole Jaws and the Mini Cole jaws, and it suggested for my lathe that I should get the mini.  But bigger is better right? I determined that I could fit the full sized ones – they cleared the bed of the lathe, so that should be fine!  However, and it wasn’t suggested that this was the critical dimension: they don’t clear the tool rest!  Bugger.

So I’ll have to swap them over and get the mini ones after all.  Oh well, it was worth a try.

2 Responses

  1. Couldn’t you just get a longer…thingumie. The bit the tool rest sits on that clamps to the bed? Or is it hitting some other part of the rest?

  2. Possibly – haven’t looked into it. That might solve another problem I’m having – cannot source a longer tool rest because the diameter of the hole is too small for the tools rests that appear to be available.

    Irrespective, in this instance getting the jaws that are the ‘right’ size for the lathe is the obvious solution, but the longer term might result in some other ‘modifications’!

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