An 11th Hour Reprieve

I have been looking what to do with my old router table, now that I have upgraded to a fully cast iron top, and was considering selling it (and the phenolic plate I got from Professional Woodworkers Supplies), but didn’t think I’d get anywhere near the $350 or so that it was worth new.

I had a sudden thought this morning, just as I was about to head out and take a photo of it for eBay, and quickly checked – given its length, it is long enough to become a bit of an infill on my tablesaw, between the fence rails.  Often this area gets filled in with a melamine or sim slab, but here I have a very stable, thick composite of masonite and MDF sandwich, which is over 1″ thick, and has some rails and a cutout perfect for dropping in a router mounted on the phenolic plate, or a router lift.  I have to shorten it a bit, but considering it is over 1200mm long, I can afford to loose a bit of its length without affecting its future use as a stand-alone router table again if it ever came to that (I doubt it!)

So unless someone desperately wants it, and you’ll have to get in pretty soon before I cut it, it has been saved from being sold at a fraction of its value, and will retain its functionality as a perfect router wing for my tablesaw.

Ok, so it may sound strange having that, considering the size of the router table I already have, but there are some times that it would be incredibly useful to be able to do mid-panel slots etc and I can use the full tablesaw fence when doing so.

As well, imagine routing the edge of a really large item – I have the entire top of the tablesaw available to act as a massive router table!  The router in this case will be to the right of the saw, so that is not ideal for small items, but i have a perfectly good CI router table with an Incra fence for that – this is just a huge bonus!

Yay – I like it when the brain throws up new ideas! 🙂

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