Triton Sale Now On – Biggest, Best, and Last

Find it here:

Stu’s Shed Ebay Listing

And just so you know what is going (and all starting at 99c as I said (gasp – considering the total value of what is listed is around $10,000))

Final upload finished – 76 items all going….going……

BTW, although some are listed as local pickup only, if you have a way of arranging delivery nationally (you are good friends with a courier company for example), I’m happy to work with you in moving items won interstate.

Triton Workcentre 2000
Triton Router Table and Stand RTA300
Triton Scrollsaw
Triton 3 in 1 Belt Disk and Spindle Sander
Triton 12″ Bandsaw
Triton 15″ Thicknesser Moulder
Triton 13″ Thicknesser
Triton 15″ Moulder blades (3 different profiles offered)
Triton SuperJaws
Triton SuperJaws Extension Tray
Triton SuperJaws Tool Tray
Triton SuperJaws Log Jaws
Triton 2300W Circular Saw 9 1/4″
Triton 2400W Circular Saw 9 1/4″
Triton 1800W Circular Saw 185mm
Triton Jigsaw
Triton Jigsaw Kit
Triton Jigsaw Kit mounting plate
Triton Router Mounting plate
Triton Mini Extension Table
Triton Maxi Extension Table
Triton Compact Wheel Kit
Triton Biscuit Joiner
Triton Finger Jointer
Triton Multistand
Triton Dust Bag x2
Triton Bevel Ripping Guide
Triton Dust Bucket
Triton Engineering Jaws
Triton Biscuit Joiner (w/out router bit)
GMC Pendulum Action Jigsaw
GMC Pendulum Action Large Jigsaw
GMC Random Orbital Sander
GMC Mini Benchtop Drill Press
GMC 18V All Nailer
GMC Water Blaster (blown hose)
GMC 1500W 1/2″ Router
GMC 3 Blade Wood Razor
GMC Dual Height Workbench
GMC 3,000,000 Power Torch 12V
B&D Heat Gun
750W Induction Motor
Self Centering Lathe Chuck
Shed Armchair Couch
30 different Taunton & Jet Woodworking DVDs!

All at 99c (initially). Anything take your fancy????!!!

9 Responses

  1. Some good stuff there, wish I lived in the same state as you, it would be more feasible to bid for some of the larger stuff. Good luck with the auction!

  2. I think some people are bidding out-of-state (club members etc) – possibly deciding to arrange a one-off large delivery of all their collective winnings.

    It’s a pretty serious selloff – not something I’ve ever seen on eBay of Triton & GMC gear (not counting commercial operations obviously).

    Once this lot goes, that’s it!

  3. Stu ….. the big question is what is going to replace it all?

    After watching the review of the Triton scrollsaw I got the impression that you were not all that keen ….. did you manage to sort out the problems?

    • All?!!
      Bandsaw: already have a Jet 14″
      Tablesaw: Replaced with the TS10L
      Router Table: Replaced with my own cast iron router table
      Scrollsaw: no – wasn’t keen on it, so have gone back to my old $40 GMC. (wonder what that says!!!)
      Thicknesser: looking to replace it with a cast iron bed version
      Superjaws: still have 3!
      Jigsaw: Still have a Triton
      Circular Saw: Still have a 2400W and an 1800W

      I could go on…..!

  4. I just noticed the tiny smily to the right of the video podcast icon – what’s that about?

  5. How much for the compact wheel set? Plus post to Brisbane.

  6. @ AitchJay – The smilie is a graphic used by WordPress to count how many times a site is visited. It is used to provide some reasonably accurate site visit stats.

    @ Ian – Sorry, but you’ve missed the boat on that one – all eBay auctions for gear is finished, and seeing as all auctions started at $0.99c, everything sold! (even the 2HP induction motor, although it went for $1.25!)

  7. Anyone interested in future support of your Triton products will have to look OS as thats the only place you will find it. The Global Power Brand company trading as GMC own the patents and IP for both Triton & GMC products and have already commenced dealing with Asian & European retailers.

    So why are the brands not going to be available in Oz? Would you do business as a retailer with “The same owners” just under a different name? Nice to see those who caused some much grief to so many are living the high life driving around still in their Aston Martons, BMW’s and Alpha Romeo’s.

    Meanwhile us poor loyal supporters are stuck with products we will never get support for. But hey what about all the GMC employees who are now out of work are missed out on all their entitlements and have to make claims through the government which will takes months. Who pays their mortages and feeds their kids?

    If Triton/GMC was to make it back to our shores it WON’T get our support!

    • Nothing in there to really disagree with, except for one:

      “Your Triton Products” could imply that I have something to do with the manufacturing etc of Triton / GMC. Short answer is no – this was just a sale of shed tools, not anything to do with either company, or their owners (before, since, or continuing).

      As to the rest, well that just reflects a lot of opinions out there I imagine of the result of a company being able to shed $70 million in debt, and then be reborn under a new guise that looks very much like the old one, but different.

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