What Goes Around….

A few months ago I showed a shed colleague how to do the basics where it came to turning a wooden pen. I’m not much of a turner, but it was more the sorts of steps involved in creating the pen, rather than the ins and outs of turning itself.

Since then, he’s been off creating a significant collection of pens of all sorts of types and materials, and that in turn was the final inspiration for me to try some different, more expensive models myself (as my post a few days ago showed).

So last night, I had him around again, and this time he was showing me the steps he takes in turning a pen, and in particular something I’ve never really gotten the hang of before – producing a good (and more importantly) and durable finish. In this case, we covered using CA to produce a strong, glossy finish. (CA – aka Cyanoacrylate, or more popularly marketed as SuperGlue.)

So in my best Yoda voice: “The master becomes the student he has”

It just goes to show just how much can be gained from sharing and collaborating with other woodworkers to further everyones skills.

And secondly, leads me to the conclusion that you can only learn about 10% of the trade from watching endless DVDs and reading mountains of books. 90% of the learning and refining of skills MUST be hands-on, in your own workshop, making your own mistakes and just giving things a try.

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