Another bit of Triton Update

Latest bits of info, and some seemingly conflicting.

All deals fell through last Wednesday for the purchase of Triton – there were something like 3 offers on the table.

All staff were laid off on Wednesday (although it seems like some were redundant for only a few minutes because:….)

It seems that a consortium, including the original owners of GMC have bought the company assets, IP (intellectual property) etc, and plan on relaunching the brand(s).  No idea in what shape or form – perhaps online?  Perhaps just not in Australia (pure speculation on my part), after all, without Bunnings coming back on board, it will be near impossible to reestablish an Australian operation, if not online. (Again, purely my own opinion). With all the work over the years in the Triton brand, it would be surprising if that brand isn’t maintained at least. Unless they change it to Phoenix. Not that I am going to openly speculate on what actually got burned to create the ashes that the new company will seemily arise from.  I have my theories and opinions.

Diver Consolidated Industries were in the process of tooling up to take over manufacture, and if the WC2000, and RTA300 (the workcentre and router table) are still going to be part of the range, I can’t imagine that they won’t want to get some return for their already considerable investment, so they may be either part of the consortium, or at least have a heavy vested interest in the ongoing survival of the product (if not the brand).

Guess things will become clear when they do. However, when things stay too clouded for too long, sometimes it is just easier to find a new, less confusing view.

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