A Storm is Coming

My phone told me so.

This will be the first real test of my shed-constructing ability – wind, real wind. Starting sometime tonight Victoria is meant to be hit with strong winds, up to 150km/hr gusts which we are being warned will produce conditions not dissimilar to those of a couple of weeks ago, resulting in the worst bushfires in recorded Australian history.

The Victorian government have even taken an unprecedented step of SMSing everyone in the State (except those on a couple of cellular networks – not sure what caused that hole in the coverage). (And an excellent application of modern tech too, so long as it is not over-utilised).

So it is batten down the hatches, secure all FOD, and hurry up and wait. Very eerie.

Update- morning has arrived, and boy, what a howler. Oh wait, what’s the oposite of a howler? Deathy still?

The wind must have gotten held up in traffic. Not like the weather office to get the timing of atmospheric events wrong. Oh wait (again). It must be opposites day!

I’m sure bad things are still coming though, just a little delayed.

My phone told me so.

Is Aldi the new Bunnings?

Flicking through the latest Aldi catalogue, and you could be mistaken thinking you were reading one from Bunnings (except it had photos, rather than penned line drawings of the products)

A router, router table w featherboards, router bits, biscuit joiner, vice, a torch suspiciously like the large 5,000,000 candle power GMC ones (but with a MUCH smaller price tag), boots, cables etc.

Aldi Catalogue

More from the Aldi Catalogue

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