Multiform Router Bit

The router bit for this month is the Carb-i-tool Multiform Router Bit.

Carb-i-tool Multiform Router Bit

Carb-i-tool Multiform Router Bit

As you can see, it is quite a complicated profile, and it almost looks like a combination of a number of different profiles.  That is exactly what this router bit is!  It is designed to produce a number of different profiles based on the height of the router bit in the table, the depth of cut, and even (specifically on spindle moulders) the angle that the router bit is run at.

Cut Profile

Cut Profile

There is a classic profile, a bead, and parts thereof for different effects.

Storage Block

Storage Block

In these photos, I have cut the full profile rather than limiting which parts of the bit came into contact with the workpiece.  This block isn’t intending to be a permanent home for the bit, but it is a copy of the storage blocks used by Triton for their old in-store displays.  It is a good way to display and store the router bits as it provides the profile of the router bit as-cut, making it easy to take measurements etc from it, rather than trying to work out what they are from the bit itseld.

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