Ending not with a Bang but a Whimper

What is an approximation of the first sentence from the book “Wargames” (of the movie of the same name) seems an appropriate description of the end of Triton in Bunnings.

A local store I visited today had just empty shelves where Triton once proudly occupied an entire isle in the toolshop, and there was no Triton (or GMC for that matter) powertools anywhere on display.

I found the last small stock of Triton in the store, unceremoniously dumped on a pallet amongst other discontinued and end-of-line sale items.

A couple of 1400W routers (not for $99- I checked!) for $250, a router stand, dust bucket, bit of glue, sanding disks and a old-stock 185mm saw.

Don’t know if it is just one store or many, although I suspect it will be widespread. Knew the day would come. Never dreamed it would actually happen.

As I wrote the caption for the following photograph, I am reminded of a different pallet of Triton – back when I was still a Triton demonstrator.  What is left here is such a pale comparison to what was once a product range that was (probably) the envy of many other tool companies, and definitely evoked envy in visitors to sheds equipped with a healthy collection of the range of orange tools.

To quote another movie to end the chapter “Everything that has a beginning, has an end”

A Pallet of Triton

7 Responses

  1. It is a sad day to see this happening but sometimes big business and the mighty dollar does not mean success. It would be very interesting to analyse why Triton failed. I don’t think it was the quality of goods, the price or promotions. I am sure that there are many who have a theory for the demise, but I know that we as woodworkers will be the poorer.

  2. I thank Triton, not for introducing me to wood work, but for enabling me to get to a standard where I could think about becoming a student of serious woodwork, with the help of people like Stu, in his shed, and others around the globe. I’m sure many others have benefited in the same way. Triton filled that gap between the DIY bloke and the potential serious woodworker. However, it stopped just short of the ‘professional’ woodworker (selling out to China didn’t help much). I think Triton would have succeeded if they had ventured into the professional market – they had some great innovations. I have quite a few bits of Triton gear and after just two years of messing about in my shed I feel I’ve grown out of some of them…

    It would have been nice to have seen some of that Triton fresh thinking built into an affordable semi-professional table saw, for example. To be frank – I’m glad I bought my two routers and table & jigsaw before China took over, I have four useful power tools I can use for many years to come. Unfortunately I have outgrown my my saw & router table and can only go elsewhere to move forward…

    • At least, George Lewin made his pile before global trade gutted the company. George could not do now what he did when he started. Times change.

    • Hello Mark,
      How sad to read your words, I feel like the man who just misssed the last train to a night out with a really great looking woman.
      Only in the past year have I become aware of the existance of TRITON (I believe I may be one of a very small , if any at all, group af woodworkers in the USA who have had a chance to own and use a Triton workcenter. I was very fortunate to purchase one from Canada and at the time I thought this was going to be the beging of a nice frendship with Triton products.
      A month ago I was able to find my second Triton in the form of a vise stand (really nice) All other tools and extras are no longer available and the plan for a new workshop with tools with a heratige started in Australia is now a dream gone astray.
      You might be interested in my purchase of the saw: as I said I was able to buy the last table available in Canada but getting the saw itself was a real problem.Finally found one in England and I had to pay an arm and a leg to buy and have it shipped to Boston.
      I think the cost of shipping is their way of getting back at us yankies for leaving the mother country so many years ago…..Thanks for listening to my disapointment and hope there will be another line of tools with that really nice orange color.
      Best of luck , Richard

  3. I have to agree with Mark. Triton introduced me to more seriuos woodworking. I have outgrown the workcentre but it did bring more accuracy to my work. Its portability is thoe only thing that now stops me from selling it
    Sad to see it go

  4. Im going to paint all my Festool gear orange.

  5. I have also only just started using triton gear. For years I had looked longingly at the Work Centre every time I walked into the bunnings, but could never afford it, only in the last 6 months or so had that finally changed.

    Recently I took the plunge and purchased the workcentre, and whoa how my life changed – at least in terms of how much I enjoyed working with wood. I had purchased a ryobi table saw piece of crap previously and was so frustrated with it, was glad to wave goodbye to it via ebay. Anyway once i had purchased the workcentre I then of course had to find a way to justify the 235mm triton (newer model was all I could find) Circular Saw (had a cheap gmc platinum with serious saw slump previously), which I finally did, but only after GMC and Triton started their decline (purchased in december 2008). Its so frustrating to look at the triton catalogue and see all these cool accessories just not available anymore.

    I finally found myself a triton 2400 router yesterday only to be unable to purchase the template guide kit anywhere – Amazon had the kit, but would not sell it to me because I am out of country. And everywhere else i have looked nothing!

    I also wanted to purchase the triton router table too – but alas, now I will have to spend up bigger for a carbatec or probably a Woodpecker ProRouter Table – but no spot for my hastily purchased (a couple of months back) jigsaw kit now…

    Someone at bunnies teased me the other day by passing on a rumour than Hills will buy back triton, I am so desperate for the orange beast to have another life I believed it for a moment 🙂

    I am fine if GMC disappears into history, but Triton deserves another life.

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