Ending not with a Bang but a Whimper

What is an approximation of the first sentence from the book “Wargames” (of the movie of the same name) seems an appropriate description of the end of Triton in Bunnings.

A local store I visited today had just empty shelves where Triton once proudly occupied an entire isle in the toolshop, and there was no Triton (or GMC for that matter) powertools anywhere on display.

I found the last small stock of Triton in the store, unceremoniously dumped on a pallet amongst other discontinued and end-of-line sale items.

A couple of 1400W routers (not for $99- I checked!) for $250, a router stand, dust bucket, bit of glue, sanding disks and a old-stock 185mm saw.

Don’t know if it is just one store or many, although I suspect it will be widespread. Knew the day would come. Never dreamed it would actually happen.

As I wrote the caption for the following photograph, I am reminded of a different pallet of Triton – back when I was still a Triton demonstrator.  What is left here is such a pale comparison to what was once a product range that was (probably) the envy of many other tool companies, and definitely evoked envy in visitors to sheds equipped with a healthy collection of the range of orange tools.

To quote another movie to end the chapter “Everything that has a beginning, has an end”

A Pallet of Triton

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