Woodworking Magazines

Like many people passionate about their pursuit, I often find myself checking out related magazines, gleaning ideas, seeing tools etc designed to inspire an overwhealming need to add it to the shed’s tool library.

The biggest problem with many of these magazines (and this particularly relates to overseas mags) is their price. They are so expensive, that instead of buying a couple, you could get a hardback book on a particular topic, and instead of 10, you could afford the very tool that you’d otherwise only cavot from within its glossy pages. Which is a shame, because it isn’t as if they don’t contain good ideas & articles, but which do you need more?

The other issue I have with them, is all the good ideas you do see which you could just imagine in your own workshop that would transform it from the typical unhappy mess into a glowing testament to fine woodworking, but somehow there is never enough time to actually create them. I don’t know how many magazines I have with plans for one workbench or another, but there always seems to be something else which has a higher priority.

Perhaps when I retire!

But like so many others, I still have an extensive collection of magazines and books, all full of plans and projects I’m sure I will get around to constructing…..one day.

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