Episode 45 Zero Clearance Inserts

Episode 45 Zero Clearance Inserts for the Tablesaw

Making Zero Clearance Inserts isn’t a particularly difficult task, but it is always good seeing someone else do it first! I have come up with a bit of a novel approach to how to safely do the cut.  The traditional method is to use the fence to help hold down the new table insert as it is being cut, but I’ve never been really happy with that solution.  With the use of my recent MagJig enabled jig, I have a much more secure and safe way to conduct the evolution.

3 Responses

  1. Stu,

    Great to have a video from you again. I love your use of Mag Jigs. It does seem that these little beauties are a panacea for jigs.

  2. Very neat use of the new clamp/jig. I think I am going to use then set in a straight edge as a way to fix up an alignment problem with my Triton. Once I’ve got the edge parallel to the blade slot, I can lock it down on the saw carriage with the magnets and then I can loosen the clamps and move the saw so it is snug to the straight edge.

  3. […] inserts" to replace the metal item. You might want to take a look at this Episode 45 Zero Clearance Inserts Stu’s Shed Correctly made and fitted the insert should be flat and flush with the table surface, but most […]

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