Bugle Headed Hex Drive Self Tapping Batten Screws

I was in a hardware store yesterday, looking to replenish my supplies of batten screws.  These are by far and away my favourite screw, and as strange as it sounds to even have a favourite, once you try these, you’ll understand.

What bothered me was when I asked for them, they knew what they were, but claimed that they didn’t have any because noone ever asked for them.  Instead, I had to head down to Bunnings to buy them.

So, to advance the cause, if you haven’t yet experienced a bugel headed hex drive self tapping batten screw, give some a go, and join the revolution!

Batten Screws

Batten Screws

These are not the cheap, galvanised variety that can shear when experiencing significant torque.  These are the real deal.  I’ve never burred one, never sheared one, and rarely have needed to drill a pilot hole for one (unless at the very edge of a piece of timber, or screwing timber prone to splitting).

They have excellent joint closing capability, and can punch through most situations required, including thin steel.  They are available in 50, 75 and 100mm.  The hex drive for your drill / power driver is a dollar or so from the tool shop checkout in Bunnies.

I often use them to screw heavy items to the shed wall (there are only 6 of these holding up my entire wood rack for example), for jigs (and they are reusable – another example of their quality), and pretty much anywhere I need a powerful hold.

2 Responses

  1. I think that price might scare a few people off in relation to these screws but I agree with you. They are the best when you really want to torque a screw without having it shear off.

    Also the hex drive means that when they are countersunk into position there are no rough edges. They look really neat and little feet will not scrape on them.

    • I built a mudbrick house using a semi load of cypress timber beams. The majority of timber was connected using bugle head batten screws. They are brilliant – but I would NEVER buy them at bugs bunnings as they are way, way over priced. Buy them from any type of bolt supplier – who specialise in nuts, bolts, screws etc. Cost is about $80 to $90 per 500. Cheers

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