Was in Carbatec recently, and found a box of PorterCable Dovetail combs that they were literally giving way.  Not one to pass up such a bargain, I got an entire set – all precision cut aluminium.

PorterCable Dovetail Jig Combs

PorterCable Dovetail Jig Combs

From top to bottom, there is the variable spacing comb, the sliding dovetail, the 1/2″, the “handcut” pins and tails, and finally a 1/4″ comb.

Not sure what I’ll do with them yet, but I’m sure that if I keep them long enough, a purpose will emerge!

4 Responses

  1. Did you find a pupose for those porta cable templates? They look like they would fit my 16″ if you wanted to sell them that is

    • Never did, not even sure what I’ve done with them! Lost in the packing in the move from the old shed to the new. Away at the moment, if I find them will let you know!

  2. Actually the 24″ the other one I would rather not talk about…

  3. Yeah I get it, it was a long time ago you posted that. But if you do I would gladly take them off your hands if you wanted to part with them. Might bring my dusty old thing back to life

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