Whiteside Incra Dovetail Router Bit Set

The router bit for this month is actually a set of bits.

Whiteside Incra Dovetail Bit Set

Whiteside Incra Dovetail Bit Set

This set is sold by Professional Woodworkers Supplies, and is specifically designed to complement the Incra Fence System, providing the majority of bits you need for the different templates in the Incra Master Reference Library, and Incra Projects and Techniques Book.

Incra Dovetail Joints

Incra Dovetail Joints

The Whiteside bits are remarkably sharp, and are obviously made using quality carbide, and are well finished. They are very popular in the US, winning a number of head-to-head competitions, and are the bits recommended by Incra themselves.

They come in a sturdy box with plastic foam, and of all the bits I own, these are the only ones that I’ve left in their original container!  Given all the different sizes and angles in dovetail bits, it is nice having a reference pic in the box to help choose which bit you need.

They are currently priced at $A210 for the set.

News from the Shed

Firstly, after I don’t even remember how long, I got a chance to shoot a couple of new (quick) videos for the site.  I’m as rusty as hell (and have a splitting headache), so I doubt they will be masterpieces, but the opportunity was there and I couldn’t bring myself to pass it up!  It’s surprising how quickly you get out of practice.

I will make another post when they arrive, but as Jeremy pointed out, the cat is out of the bag anyway – the Lidwig Cable Hangers are finally available again!  They ran out at the Melbourne Wood Show, and it has taken until now for new stock to be manufactured, so if you want to beat the rush, this is a great chance. I have 4 more winging their way to me as I type 🙂 (They are only $8 each too)

Finally, if you are in the Melbourne region, keep the 27th and/or 28th February free.  There is a big open day organised with 4 significant suppliers fronting up, and it will be a great opportunity to see some of the products in action, as well as getting some specials.

There will be (in no particular order):

uBeaut Polishes – these are by far and away my finish of choice.  Australian made, and Neil’s book (“The Polisher’s Handbook”) I still regard as the bible on the subject.  There will be copies available on the day I’m sure.  The polishes and waxes are great for cabinetry, boxes, kids toys, and products made on the lathe (Neil specialises in friction polishes).  I use a lot of his Traditional Wax, and Shellawax.  If nothing else, pick his brains – if there is something about finishing he doesn’t know, it isn’t worth knowing.  I’ve learned a lot over the years just watching Neil talk and demonstrate.  The products are not a fad – they are the genuine deal and they work! (They are now also available overseas for anyone who wants to track them down – head to http://www.ubeaut.com.au for a list of suppliers)

Carroll’s Woodcraft Supplies – With a huge range of turning supplies and consumables (and a whole heap more), Carroll’s is a great shop.  I can’t say that I’ve ever actually been in Jim’s actual shop – he has a comprehensive online facility, and runs up 1000s of miles each year going from wood show to wood show. I’m certainly going to be spending quite a bit of time picking through what he brings along to this open day!

Woodworking Warehouse – they are hosting the open day, so a big thanks to Wanita for that – it is like a wood show away from the wood show!  No longer do we have to wait for the once-a-year event! The Woodworking Warehouse have a large range of heavy woodworking machines, and a lot of the accessories and consumables we all need.  My workshop has quite a few heavy items from here – bandsaw, jointer, dust extractor, drill press to name a few.  They also are the importers of Linbide, and these are typically on sale at their open days, so if you need some quality router bits or saw blades….!  They also sell my favourite saw blade – the Freud Professional LU2B-0700.

Professional Woodworkers Supplies – THE source in Australia of Incra, Woodpeckers and Wixey to name a few, Grahame carries products that are superior, and generally unique in the Oz market.  There have been a lot of additions to the product range from a number of his suppliers, so there will be plenty of new things to see and play with (and buy).  Some documented on here of course, but nothing beats getting to see these things in person.

Hopefully by the time this open day occurs, the politicians will have finished playing politics, and we’ll all have a few extra dollars in our pockets to invest in our workshops.

I’m certainly going to be there on one, if not both the days (sorry boss – I’ll send in a leave form now!)

I know I’ve wax lyricaled quite a bit here, but all these suppliers are big supporters of Australian Woodworkers, and I’ve shopped with each quite extensively over the years, and more recently, each have also been very supportive of Stu’s Shed.

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