The MagClamp

I had an idea for a job I am about to do, where I am going to fix some 2×4 lengths to a tin wall, that could really do with a second set of hands to help hold it during mounting. So when you only have 1 set of hands, it is time to see what else you can come up with. I quickly fabricated this as a trial unit / prototype, with the idea that if it works well there may be a number of other similar designs and concepts that would also be useful.

The core component is the MagJig from MagSwitch, in this case I’ve used 2 because the thin wall doesn’t provide much grip for even a powerful magnet.  The other aspect is obviously the wooden screw, created with my thread cutter I got from Carbatec a few years ago (and is featured in an early Stu’s Shed TV episode).

The MagClamp

The MagClamp

This is the clamp – a U shaped block of wood, with a MagJig on either side, and a threaded rod through the middle.  It isn’t holding very tightly simply because of the thin shed wall, so I’d probably get around that by using another MagSwitched something on the other side.  When used on the tablesaw (which is a nice large chunk of cast iron), the clamping force is significant.  Future jigs will primarily be for that application, so clamping force will not be an issue.

MagClamp Side View

MagClamp Side View

Threaded Clamp

Threaded Clamp

So a pretty simple design, but functional, as all good jigs should be!  The MagJigs are not fixed into the jig either – they can be easily removed and used in whichever jig is needed.

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  1. What a great idea! A really functional use of the magjig clamps… It goes onto the list of things to make!

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