Unwitting Stand-up Comedy

Was in Bunnings this afternoon getting a few bits’n’pieces, and one I was hoping to find (but seriously doubting I’d find) was a Triton Woodrack. Like Superjaws, you are hard-pushed to have too many.

After (unsurprisingly) not finding one, I just asked in the tool shop if they happened to have any woodracks. The young lady didn’t know what a woodrack was, so asked her team leader. Her reply was “Woodrack? Is that anything like a wine rack? Try the home storage section”

Only if you have 50kg bottles of wine!

Think I left my jaw on the ground there somewhere if anyone finds it.

I’ve got a stack of pine taking up room in the small shed, so am going to make some outside covered storage for it. Thought I’d use a Triton Woodrack but no matter- will just have to do what everyone else has to, and make my own. I still have a stack of round steel 1 1/2″ dia pipe that will work well. (The stuff I was trying to give away when I was offered a couple tonne of it for free- I kept a couple hundred kgs of it for myself just in case, so it’s good to discover a project for some of it). I also have some roofing sheet steel left over from the shed I’ll use.

Anything to free up some shed real estate.

I managed to get a little more organisation and sorting done out in the shed this morning before the sun really kicked in. The days at the moment remind me a bit of the 2nd Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – a nice day begins with shining sun, but as it rises in the sky a much more malignant presence is exposed. 44.5C day today, and still 43C predicted tomorrow. I certainly can sympathise with those in Adelaide, but Melbourne was hotter today, and again tomorrow. Granted they have had many more days of heat, and that’s the real killer for shed time.

Perhaps we could all move to Tasmania.

Oh, and as far as the roving reporter’s solution was valid, my version has been sitting with my daughter in a wading pool, beer in hand (don’t drink much, but days like this beg for it!)

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