Tool Store

After a few false starts, I finally got around to redressing the cabinets, and giving them sufficient support to carry to loadings I am expecting of them.

Along with the “spring cleaning” happening indoors, I’m tackling shed storage as well.  The first, and most succecssful way of dealing with it, is to eliminate anything that doesn’t need to be stored – ie disposing of items no longer required.  However, working out what isn’t required isn’t so easy!

At last my powertools now have a better home, and as much as there is some optimisation required, at least this is a reasonable first cut.

Power Tool Storage

Power Tool Storage

Somehow, I have a feeling that isn’t all the power tools I have, but will shuffle some around to make room for others.  The fact that my current count of circular saws is still 5 (down from 7) means that there is some optimisation still possible, and that isn’t the only tool type that I have some duplication!

Does it still look like a significant collection of orange to anyone else (with some blue scattered amongst it)  With the demise of GMC, I wonder if they will become collectors items?

I was in Bunnings the other day, and along with a near complete absence of GMC, and very little Triton, it doesn’t look like anything has changed.  It seems to be the same range of tools, with the same range of quality, just with different names on the sides.

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