Dado Blades

I’ve been running the Battle of the Dado Blades, (and yes I know it is taking longer than it should of to get the results out – sorry).

Been processing the results from the first blade, and I’m rather perplexed about them, so a little more research is going to be required to try to find the source of the defects in the cuts that I am observing.

One of the chipping blades is definitely oversized, but the groove it is cutting is significantly deeper than the oversize.  More research required.  I also originally didn’t think that the degree of runout was important for dado blades, but Ive been thinking about it, and have decided that it does have an impact – not on the quality of the finish (after all it doesn’t matter for a dado if the finish isn’t silky smooth), but it will affect the size of the ‘kerf’ and that will influence joint tightness.  Therefore the amount of runout has a definite impact on the choice of chippers and spacers to get a tight joint.

3 Responses

  1. Stuart,
    could the source of the incresed depth of cut on the chipper be that the arber hold in the chipper is off center?

    • Certainly an interesting idea, and I have thought of a way to test that, and will include it in the blade set tests. In the end, the proof is in the resulting cut, but it would be nicer to be able to lock down a cause of a less than ideal result.

  2. Did the battle of the dado blades ever get published?

    When’s the dado Shed TV episode going to come out? Would be better than an article, much like your battle of the blades tv episode sometime back.

    I myself have the NorthWood tools dado set (the cheap one, not the Dadonator)

    Will you be looking at this one in your reviews?

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