The Rockwell JAWHORSE

Rockwell Jawhorse HD RK9000 Workbench System - As Seen on TV!
Rockwell Jawhorse HD RK9000 Workbench System – As Seen on TV!

My photos of the JawHorse available in this post here ==>(click for new window)

I have just returned from a mind-blowing 1 1/2 hours with the designers and engineers (and Managing Director) of the company responsible for the Rockwell JawHorse, and it is in one word: AWESOME!

The Triton SuperJaws has grown up, and it already was a serious tool.  I couldn’t tell from the photos whether the JawHorse was the equal of the old, or new SuperJaws – it certainly looked similar in form and function, and they were both designed by the same engineers (and a bit freaky for me, they occasionally visit this site (and I’m sure have a laugh at my expense on occasion)).  My hope (and expectation) was that the JawHorse would be as good as the SuperJaws (and readers of this site would know that I am a big fan of the SuperJaws, and in fact have 3 or 4 of them (I’ve lost count)).  I was not expecting to discover the JawHorse would be superior, but that is most definitely the case.

Speaking of photos, I couldn’t even wait to take any photos of the unit before writing this article – so will have to add more details (and photos) over the next day or so.

See – I am still getting ahead of myself.  There is a JawHorse sitting in the back of my car, just waiting for me to get it into the shed and putting it through its paces.

So, to answer a few initial questions I had about this tool:

It is definitely the equal (and obviously superior to) the SuperJaws.

If you have seen the infomercials about it, and wonder if it can really do what they are making out (as we all have doubts in the back of our minds about what we are told in infomercials), the answer is a resounding YES.  This is a serious tool, and it is worth every cent.  It will last for years – my first SuperJaws has taken a lot of use and abuse and is now about 8 years old, and is still going strong.  I still haven’t gotten around to making a workbench for my shed, and it is the fault of this tool – as a clamp, as a press, as a work platform, as a tool support, it is the bees knees.  From clamping the lightest, weakest materials together, through to applying up to a tonne of clamping force – it is that versatile.

It is coming to Australia around the 3rd quarter of this year, under the brand Worx Professional.  (And unlike Triton at the moment, which because of the receivership has to be sold without warranty, the JawHorse has a 5 year warranty).

There are also a bunch of accessories that are available for it as well, and I will hopefully be able to bring you a lot more detail of them in a month or so – the Mitre Saw Station I did get to see in the flesh, and it looks brilliant.  There are log jaws that can also hold your chainsaw for blade resharpening with foldout secondary clamping points, supplementary jaws that owners of Black & Decker Workmates would recognise as the top of a Workmate – imagine a Workmate with 1000kgs of clamping pressure (although I don’t think they would support the full loading that the JawHorse is capable of applying, although I may be wrong.  1 tonne is a lot of clamping force for the edge of a workmate jaw to cope with!)

So that is just an initial reaction to this tool.  I can now bring a lot more detail to you over the next few days, and there is so much more to see that will impress the hell out of existing SuperJaw owners, let alone anyone that doesn’t have one (yet).  If you are debating whether to get one……stop debating and just do it.  Seriously.

If you have any questions about the tool, I’m now obviously in a much better position to be able to answer them, and if I can’t, I know who can!

Latest writeup here: SSYTC009 Rockwell JawHorse

28 Responses

  1. Glad I read that one Stu….. I was actually out looking for the S/Jaws the other day and no stock locally…. did think about your earlier posts on this new one…

    I will now hold off until they are released…. any likely RRP suggested???

    • Very hard for GMC to make money if they don’t even have stock in stores.
      The SJ should never have been outsourced to China.
      Bugger cheap goods, bring back Australian Industry.

  2. I can’t wait to see your new toy . Think I’ll put it on my must get list .

  3. Hi Stuart,
    best wishes for 2009.
    Jawhorse looks interesting.
    is it for woodworking only, or would it be up to holding steel for bashing, bending and welding??

    • The JawHorse is ideal for metalwork – there are some SuperJaws out there that have done nothing but. The orientation of the Jaw near to being in line with the front legs means it is capable of withstanding substantial vertical loading (and pounding). There are some SJ out
      there that look more like porcupines, the number of arc strikes etc they have withstood. The SJ (and therefore the JH) is designed to be used as an anvil.

      The original SJ even had metalworking jaws as an optional extra, and there are some for the JH as well. They replace the urethane jaws that it comes with. There is also a welding clamp designed for it that the design engineers are rather proud of. I’m hoping to get hold of them in a month or so.

      (I speak of the Sj in answer to the JH, as they are obviously very similar in form and function, with the JH being even bigger and stronger afaict. (As far as I can tell!)

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  6. […] Comments Rockwell Jaw Horse … on The Rockwell JAWHORSEStuart on The MagBroom (Prototype)Stuart on Quick Toy PrototypeStuart on Rockwell […]

  7. Hi Stu!
    If you can get ahold of the designers of the Jawhorse, you should suggest to them that they make a wood jaw/table that is bigger and stronger than the one they are currently selling. I had a vision that the new improved version should have a 12″ 1″ thick x the height of the metal jaws, maple jaws, with angle iron behind them, that bolts on in place of the urethane pads. Then a table top that extends back and forward but without those side rails of the current top. That way you can clamp something in the side or if it’s closed you get the table top similar in size to a workmate 425.

    This would be heavy with the steep plate under the table top. (should be 1″ maple or similar top) but it would be a real workbench top.

    If the guys at Rockwell don’t get around to making one, I make make one for myself.


  8. Hello Stu

    Quick one. Do you know when & where Jawhorse will be available in Melbourne?

    Colin B.

    • Soon, very soon – the ship I am lead to believe is most of the way here from China, so will expect the product push to begin within weeks.

      • Who will be doing the pushing?

        • Positec (the parent company for Rockwell and Worx). They have an advert campaign already on FoxSports – one for Rockwell in general, and one for the Sonicrafter, and will be starting a third in the first week of July for the JawHorse.

          Latest word is the Rockwell JawHorse will be in their Melbourne Warehouses around 2 July.

          The Worx JawHorse (equivalent to the one I’ve reviewed) will be later this year. The Australian Rockwell is equivalent to the last model of SuperJaws.

  9. I have just brought home the Jawhorse and unpacked it and upon initial survey I have to say that I am not impressed. When I opened it at the store the very first thing that jumped out at me while it was still in the box was the weld on the face piece to the right of the locking switch and the half inch portion of the 2″ fillet weld that is straight porosity and the rest of the weld is crooked. Upon further inspection of the Jawhorse when I brought it home, the welds are almost all very poor quality with poor fusion, undercut, open spots, and many other visual defects. There is also loose and chipped paint at the bottom rim of the rear leg tube where the plastic foot slides in. There will be a peel off of at least 2 inches going up the leg.
    There are also scratches all over it that indicates that it was probably bought before and returned.
    The rubber feet on the two forward legs are pretty inadequate and will certainly not last long.
    I’m taking it back to the store tomorrow and will ask them to exchange with another one but they don’t stock them so it will take at least a week. If the next one shows up with these defects I will demand a refund. There is no excuse for such poor quality workmanship and lack of quality control.

  10. Do you know if you can adjust the one rear leg for height?. It seems to be adjustable to up & down, but if you leave it down, & tighten the yellow knob as much as you can, it’s not stable. It will drop down if moved slightly.

    If you cannot adjust for height, the jaw horse slants downwards from front to back. If no adjustment available can you suggest how to make the jawhorse level. Thank you for any advise.

    • The rear leg is not adjustable – it is designed to be inserted fully then tightened only. When it is, the JawHorse should be level – not seen one that isn’t.

      Can you send a photo – I’d be interested to get a closer look to see what you are experiencing (and I can forward it on to the manufacturers if need be).

      • Bill, How do I send you a photo as to what I’m talking about to show you that the jawhorse I have is not level from front to back. It slants downward towards the rear leg.

    • Thank you for your response.

      It seems that the back leg has to be down all the way then tightened with yellow knob.

      There is a long slot at the top of the leg that appears is there to adjust the height, but any adjustment other than all the way down, no matter how tight you secure the knob, is unstable & will cause the leg to fall.

      I will either bring the height up using wooden boards under the wooden table top I use, or design a “cup” out of a wood base that is built up & has a wedge cut out for the back leg to rest in.

      Thanks again,

    • Correction: I meant the leg has to be all the way up, into the leg support for it to be stable. All the way down makes it unstable no matter how much you tighten the yellow know

      • Hi Anthony,

        I have a video in the can (will try to process tonight/tomorrow) about the JawHorse. It isn’t in response to your issues, but I did have in the back of my mind that I was hoping while shooting it, it might help seeing the JawHorse being assembled and used.


  11. Thanks Stu, looking forward to viewing the setup video when it’s shown. Thank you.

    Tony conte

  12. Hi Stu,
    congradulations on the 500000th visitor!
    Are you able to tell me if the Rockwell/Worx jaw horse is available in Queensland and if so who the supplier is. If not is it available in Australia yet and from whom.

    • Stu,

      Viewed the video but unfortunately the jawhorse was only shown from an angle, not straight sideways so you can see if it slants downward from front to back.

      I wrote you a reply asking how to send you a photo. I don’t see the availabiltiy of an attachment on this site. Please let me know so I can show via photos what I’m talking about. Thank you,

      Tony Conte

  13. No matter what I do, I can’t remove the third single leg from its original locked positon. Loosening, even removing the yellow kinob does nothing. The two other legs are fine just can’t get the third to work.. Can anyone help?

  14. Speaking of replacing the urethane pads, mine have crumbled (no welding or anything). How to replace them (really just fill the space) without spending the $65 US that the company charges for the “Urethane Pad Set”?

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