Visiting a House of (woodworkers) Sin

When you are time-poor, occasionally one can be tempted to sin, as was the case for me over the weekend.

Yes, sadly I have to admit  I actually went shopping at Ikea.

I know I have the equipment that means I could make the cupboards myself, but I really needed to get the job done quickly, and it is already done and up – 2.5 metres long, 2.4 metres high and 0.6 metres deep.  It probably would have taken me the rest of the year to find time to get around to doing it myself.

So I feel a fair amount of guilt in not doing it myself, but at least I can feel it while getting to use all the extra storage that we now have in the house.  Sure, it cost quite a bit more than if I had done it myself too, but time really is money sometimes, especially when you are (time-)broke. And over a 1/4 tonne of melamine would have taken some fair amount of effort to buy, cut and assemble (at least that is how I am justifying it to myself).

They really are clever buggers how they design the furniture for self-assembly.

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