The Balance Between Entropy and Enthalpy

Or simply translated “Not Happy Jan” (those who have seen the Yellow Pages ad campaign from a year or two back will recognise the reference).

I understand that to increase the order in my shed involves a temporary increase in the amount of disorder, but boy, is the amount of disorder disproportionate to the amount of order I’m trying to achieve!

Take tonight for instance – I went out for a very quick look at the proposed router table top, as I had an idea (which subsequently proved to not be as good as I hoped) that I wanted to look at for 5 minutes.

There is, up one end of the shed, a whole pile of tools etc, taken out of the cabinet during its metamorphosis.  I thought, what the hey, I’ll try to start to reload the new cabinet.  I was quite happy with how it was looking, with the power tools all finding a new suitable home.  That was until I discovered that the brackets holding the cabinet to the wall were suddenly carrying a lot more load than I had planned, and as such the cabinet itself wasn’t coping.  So once again, entropy won, and I now have a bigger mess than before, and a cabinet that I have had to unmount again.  The problem is, you can easily get to a point where the shed becomes non functional because of the chaos, and that’s when you are in trouble.

There just isn’t enough hours in the day.

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