Splitting the Atom

Thought we might as well start the year with a bang 🙂

Ok, so I doubt any atoms got split, but the cabinet did get cleaved in twain.

Storage End

Storage End

Thought I had a better photo of the original cabinet than this.  I may do somewhere in the photo library….

Anyway, as I mentioned, I decided it would be much better if the cupboard was cut in two, and then wall mounted.  I don’t have a tablesaw with a blade large enough for the job, nor a bandsaw, and it was too large to cut the top and bottom on the saw.  I could have taken a chainsaw to it, but I wanted something left, and I hate hand held circular saws at the best of times.

So, with extra infeed and outfeed support, and the tablesaw fence set to the required distance (about 380mm) I ran the cuboard through the saw, rotated it 180 degrees, then through again, then flipped it over, rinsed and repeated.

Next, I took a jigsaw (probably the only use it will get all year) and cut through the top and bottom.

Splitting the Atom....uh....the Cabinet

Splitting the Atom....uh....the Cabinet

Once the centre section was free and extracted, I had 2 cabinets ready for hanging.

Removing Centre Divider

Removing Centre Divider

Finally, and a bit rushed, they were then mounted to the walls, the shelves put back in, and the doors rehung.

New Storage Cabinets

New Storage Cabinets

I might do a bit more of a cleanup of the job, will reevaluate it shortly, but as a first pass, think this is a much more usable design.  More storage planned!

I want to make a cabinet specifically for my HNT Gordon planes, Colen Clenton Square, and Chris Vesper tools, but will hopefully be making a cabinet that is more suited to the quality of the tools therein.

Update – It didn’t take me long to decide, but I was not happy with how cleanly the cupboard was split, so I ended up taking the whole thing off the wall again, and took it apart completely (it was held together with glue and screws), and ran every panel back through the tablesaw before reassembling and remounting.  I am much happier with the result, despite the extra work it took.

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