When Did ‘That’ Happen?

2008 came and went…apparently.  Did anyone see it?  I certainly blinked.

I’ve never been particularly big on New Year’s Resolutions – mainly because I always think of a few, and often they are the same from year to year as I never seem to keep them.  I doubt 2009 will be any different.

So of the ones that seem to reoccur from year to year, I rehash them again just in case I somehow manage to achieve any of them.

I still want to become a lot more competent with the Incra LS Positioner, and achieve a double dovetail joint with it.

Get back to somewhere in the vicinity of my fighting weight.

And finally, the one thing that seems to roll over from year to year to year.  I really want to get a book published (and hopefully one will lead to another). If you haven’t noticed, I’m not adverse to writing a word or two, and if I took all the words that make up this website so far, I’d have two 400 page tomes to my name.

Of all of these, the chances are that I may only achieve the 4th one.  No – I don’t know what that 4th one is yet, but I still think it is the most likely one to be achieved.

So thus draws the end of another year.

Happy New Year to all my occasional, and regular readers out there.  Keep an eye on this site – there is so much more to come!

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