Think Santa was here

Have a sneaking suspicion Santa was here.

Someone should buy him a dustbuster!

Hope he’s not drinking and flying. At least the reindeer ate their carrots.

Santa Was Here

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone from Stu’s Shed.

It’s been a big year, and the next one is shaping up to be even bigger, but over the next 24 hours (starting from now in New Zealand) I hope everyone has a Christmas that is special to them.

(and hopefully there are some tools under the tree for you too!)

Merry Christmas everyone!

A Couple of Birthday Presents

Thought I might show off a couple of presents I got, just to make you a little green 🙂

Some nice new Hamlet Chisels (made in England) – sizes being 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″.

Hamlet Chisels

Hamlet Chisels

And from my ever-thoughtful wife, a stunning Aussie Jack Plane from HNT Gordon.

HNT Gordon Aussie Jack Plane

HNT Gordon Aussie Jack Plane

This will really complement my collection of planes, and is intended to be used to rough down boards to a condition where the Trying Plane can take over.

Hmm – not so sure about that – my first few passes with this plane was producing a better surface than you get with sandpaper!  It sure is a woodchuck though – it was taking a significant bite each pass, for the full length of the piece of timber I was trying.  First gave it a quick go in pine – full width, full length shavings right out of the box.  Then mahogany, for the same result, and finally a bit of KD hardwood (Vic Ash), the resulting shavings from which you can see in the foreground.  Wonder what would happen if I actually sharpened the blade?!!  (Terry does supply them in a definite workable condition, as is evident here – just being facetious).

Never mind that it is also an aesthetically stunning tool as well, and the sound of it pulling off the shaving was an effortless “shick”.  In this case, it is made from Gidgee, and comes in the classic brown cardboard box – I’ve always liked that classic touch.  There are no adjustment knobs for the blade or anything, like the other HNT Gordon planes I have, adjustment is made with a deft touch with an ironwood mallet.

Certainly using these tools beats hands-down the noise of the dust extractor, air filter, planer/thicknesser combs etc.  Not that I am against murdering the occasional electron out there, but a stroll on the darkside is a definite pleasure with tools like these.

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