And the Winner is…..

Lindsay from Victoria, Australia submitted the closest entry, only 2 off the magic 250,000.  I’ve given it a couple of days for other entries to come out of the woodwork (sorry – had to be said!), and there were 4 in total.  The next closest was 8 off, so some respectable attempts!

Thanks to all for playing 🙂

Bunnings Dropping Triton @ Cost

As reported by one of this site’s regulars, (cheers Glenn!) at least one Bunnings is ditching all its Triton gear at near cost.

The one noted is in Adelaide, and they have emptied all their Triton shelves into a bin in the aisle, so it is a serious ditch, and not a sale or other marketting ploy.

Once it is gone, there will be no return (unless a new buyer comes along and does some significant negotiations of course).

If you are looking for Triton gear as an Xmas present for yourself, this may be the best opportunity yet.

Don’t know about the warranty implications, but as GMC is in receivership, I imagine you have a warranty arrangement with the receivers. Of course, I do not have a degree in corporate law so take that opinion with a grain of salt (or a whole shaker!)

Update: WRT Warranties, I believe that any purchases of GMC/Triton are currently done with a signed disclaimer stating that you are aware there is NO warranty support available for that purchase.

caveat emptor

Check a Bunnings near you- there might be some amazing bargains!

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