A New Approach to an Aussie Icon

You can tell a company’s Australian, when it brings out a product which is a reinvention of a very traditional tool – the Boomerang.  And yes, the boomerang was a tool, and not just a kid’s novelty.  It was also used for hunting, and the benefit was if you didn’t hit your target, it would generally return in the direction it was thrown.  Imagine that tech in the modern arena – fire a missile, and if it missed, it came back ready to be used for another shot!  I will also acknowledge that the boomerang is not unique to Australia, but that is enough of the history lesson!

What we have however is not designed to be thrown, but to hold, and it’s application is welding.  Being able to clamp two pieces of ferrous material at a set angle to each other, so the welder can then do the tacking up of the project.

MagSwitch Boomer Angle

MagSwitch Boomer Angle

Comes from MagSwitch, so again it is utilising the ingenious switchable magnets (in this case it is the 30mm ones), and each can be rotated through 180 degrees so you can bring the two pieces together at whatever angle is required.  I haven’t actually used it for a project as yet, so don’t have any photos of it in use, but you can get the general idea here.

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