The first 1/4 million is rapidly approaching

and will occur sometime in the next 4-6 days approximately (currently, the site is getting about 1000 visitors / day)

As like our last ‘competition’, if you are close to being the 250,000th person, take a screenshot to record it for prosperity.  Send it in to me (no photoshopped images (I know what to look for!)), and the closest to being the 1/4 millionth visitor will win a small prize.  If there is a draw, I will pull a name from a hat.

I’m not sure what the prize will be at this stage, but it will be something worth around $A25 (250,000 visitors makes for 1c every 100 visitors)

For those living in Oz, it can either be a Carbatec Voucher, a Woodworking Warehouse voucher, or a Professional Woodworkers Supplies voucher.  I was hoping to get some ‘corporate’ coverage, but I’m running out of time to find one!

For overseas visitors, it will be an Amazon voucher.

I reserve the right to change my mind on a whim about what the prize will be!  At least a voucher is easy to post 🙂

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