Episode 43 Triton Steel Cutter

Episode 43 Triton Steel Cutter – Making a Noticeboard

Although not currently available in Oz, these are still (afaik) available in the US etc, and they are still out there if you come across a used model.  In any respect, for the project I was working on (a noticeboard) this was the right tool for the job.  The Steel Cutter came out while Triton was still owned by Hills, and seemed a very strange direction for Triton to be going at the time.

Sawstop on Discovery

And Steve Gass actually proves the machine by using his own finger to trigger the mechanism. I am pleased to say that he didn’t do it by simulating an actual cut (to trust any safety mechanism is stupidity), so I was very curious how he would approach the job of actually setting off the blade himself.

The video also has some of the clearest high speed shots I’ve seen of the mechanism activating, so is worth a look even for that. The amount of movement that the high speed picks up is impressive – the G Forces are incredible.

And for the sqweamish, there is no blood, so you don’t have to be nervous watching the video.

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