Router Table 3.0

“In the beginning” seems a good place to start…..
Stu said ” Let there be a router table”, and there was, and it was good.

Router Table 1.0 was a Triton RTA300 on the router table stand, and it lasted a number of years before I outgrew it.
Router Table 1.5 was then born in pursuit of a higher degree of flatness, and it has been documented on here (and elsewhere) as the RTA upgrade with a new aluminium top added to the existing table.

Router Table 2.0 then eventuated, primarily to accommodate the Incra Fence I now use, and is around 1100mm long to maximise the working range of the 17″ Incra LS Positioner. It was mounted on a never-finished melamine box that was meant to have cupboards and drawers, dust extraction and skinned with raised panels etc so it looked the part. But we never quite got there, and it has been used in its semi-completed state for something like 2 1/2 years!

Jump forward again a number of years to the present day, and we have the first step in the development of the next router table.

Router Table 3.0 has begun.
It is still very much a WIP (work in progress), and the final configuration is yet to be finalised (mostly still in my head), and I have some options I still need to pursue to see which will influence the final design.

However, I can reveal the first step in the process – the development of the top. There is still a couple of sections missing – still in transit from Brisbane or something. The top is going to be Cast Iron, and in fact will be made from about 5 Tablesaw extension wings joined together. It will measure 1250 x 680mm, and will feature not one, but two routers (TRA001) complete with independent starter boxes. This is so I can have one set up as the primary router, and the other with a pattern following bit semi-permanently mounted. (It will be removed when I am doing dovetailing, so I can set up one router with the dovetail cutter, and the other with the straight cutter)

Cast Iron Tablesaw Wings

Cast Iron Tablesaw Wings

The wings are still wrapped in plastic, and coated with (hopefully!) a preservative / antirust, and so that will need to be cleaned off.  These are in fact, extension wings for the TSC-10HB tablesaw from Carbatec, and were meant to be the RW optional wing (router wing), with a hole for the router, and extra router mounting holes, but as one of the guys at Carbatec put it – the holes “fell off in transit”.  Must have been a big pothole!  Not that it matters, extra wings are useful on a tablesaw, and for my router table these plain wings are perfect for the task.  Now I just need the two WITH holes to finish the job (and hopefully there are no potholes between Brisbane and here!)

The entire router table top will weigh in at 70kg (154lb), plus the Incra fence, and routers of course.  There is no mitre slot, and that may seem strange, but I’ve one in my current router table, and I’ve never used it.  Meant to, but never got around to making featherboards etc

The new table will make significant use of the MagSwitch technology, with the Incra LS Positioner held down with 2 MagJigs, and the MagSwitch Pro Featherboards will be used to control the workpiece infeed and outfeed.

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