Quick Toy Prototype

Materials for Project: $1

Tools for Project $substantial!

Total manufacture time: 12 minutes (inc wheels and axles)

Tools used: Bandsaw, Linisher, Drill Press

The feeling from making a wooden toy for a child (especially your own): $Priceless

For everything else, there’s Chinese mass production (and lead based paint)

Toy Car Prototype

Toy Car Prototype

Some fine-tuning required to get it looking a bit better, and on the real model all the edges would have a fine round-over bit.  Axles are thin wooden dowel, but should be pretty strong.  Wheels were cut using the original 40mm Carb-i-tool wheel cutter.  The entire construction is wood (and a little glue).

First tests of the prototype were quite promising.  More ‘testing’ required though before relinquishing ownership! (Because they are fun to play with!)

3 Responses

  1. Hi Stu,

    As an owner of all three sized wheel cutters which would you recommend for a single purchase?

    Its a difficult one to answer not knowing the projects but they will be variable, cars (like above), trains, planes and trucks.

    I am leaning towards the 50mm just because its in the middle, but perhaps better with the 40mm and looking at adding the 60mm if need be further down the track.



    • I responded to Stinky directly, but my answer was that I’d tend to the 40 initially, and possibly the 50 if you really wanted one all round cutter. Ideally you’d go with a 40 and a 60 (and then the 50 to complete the set).

      I’ve used the 40 the most for making wheels that were actually wheels, and the 60 for making wheels that became knobs etc for other toys.

  2. I do hope that these cutters are available in the U/K

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