Some other pieces of news from around the place:


Organoil is reported to have gone into receivership.  Given that the now discontinued Triton Oil was Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil, it seems that sometime in the near future, even this won’t be available.




Triton have reformulated the honing compound that comes with their wetstone sharpener.  No longer is it a baggie inside a (rusting) metal container, or the second iteration was the same inside a plastic one.  It is now a much better, thicker paste which makes it easy to apply to the wheel, and doesn’t end up spilling over everything!


Triton’s MOF001 (the 1400W router) has won all three awards in the 2009 Taunton’s Tool Guide results, taking out Editors’ Best Overall Choice, Editors’ Best Value Choice and Readers’ Choice.


2 Responses

  1. Even more reason for me to finally get the 1400 & 2400 Triton routers .

    I wonder if Santa is delivering them this year ???

    I can only dream …. , lol

  2. The dreaming might be working better than you expected!

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