Lidwig Clamps Range

While posting up photos from the previous video, here are some of the still shots of the different clamps in the Lidwig range.

Lidwig Product Range

Lidwig Product Range

Lidwig and MagSwitch

As seen in a couple of images in the preceeding video (and briefly in a recent post), the Lidwig cable clamp, and the MagSwitch Power Hook make for quite a functional duo.

I was looking around the ‘shop to see what uses I could put the Lidwig Cable Clamp (let’s call it the LCC to save RSI in my fingers!) and each time, I found myself using a MPH (you can guess that one) to complement it, allowing me to place the LCC where-ever I wanted.

It got to the point that I started wondering whether the 2 companies (both Australian) shouldn’t team up, and produce a combined product – a MagSwitchable Lidwig Cable Clamp (MSLCC)

Anyway, getting back to the photos.

Included in the set above – Bandsaw Blade Storage, Power Cable Storage, Pneumatic Hose Storage, Dust Extraction (4″) from TableSaw, Overhead, and Bandsaw, and finally, reversing the product’s concept, hanging a tool (in this case a work light) off a 4″ hose or pipe.

Episode 42 Lidwig Clamps

Episode 42 Lidwig Clamps

Australian designed clamps, with 100+kg pre-settable clamping pressure and one-handed operation. Made from either glass impregnated resin, or aluminium.

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