A Jaw Horse is on its way!

UPDATE: Review and photos of the Jaw Horse in my shed are now available here and here

Was speaking with the manufacturers of the Jaw Horse yesterday, and apparently there is one on the high seas at the moment, floating its way down under so I can review it and put it through its paces!

Given that it is (literally) on the slow boat from China, it will take a couple of weeks or so so arrive in Oz, (and add whatever fudge factor to that), then clear customs, be unpacked etc etc, so some time in the next month.ย  If at all possible, I would like to aim to have a review of it out before Christmas (yeah – isn’t that scary – only a month of so away already), but there are too many factors that are out of my control to be able to say that with any certainty.

However, it does mean that Stu’s Shed will be able to give it’s independent opinion on the product, and given that I have had (3 or 4) Superjaws in my shed for years now…… (no, I don’t use them up and need another – I actually have about 3 Superjaws out there – awesome tool) Given that the Jaw Horse is fundamentally the same tool, and was designed by the same Australian engineers that came up with it, I have high expectations that the Jaw Horse will be at least their equal.

That Battle of the Jaws I was suggesting for the Melbourne Show next year will actually be a rematch, as the inaugural cage match will happen here ๐Ÿ™‚

Hmm – I’m thinking of a sculpture – each Jaw hanging onto a bit of 4×2, clamped in the jaw of another.ย  Modern Art ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATE: Review and photos of the Jaw Horse in my shed are now available here and here

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  1. Just noticed on the Rockwell Website (http://www.rockwelltoolsdirect.com/jawhorse.html) thet they use the Jawhorse to hold a bench mounted table saw… Dunno about whether I’d try that one – it wouldn’t need to slip too much before fingers went flying!!!

    And one ton of pressure is great, but that’s relying on the structural integrity front-to-back of the saw to hold it all still and not flex…


  2. Know what you are saying Dave, although in this case it looks like they have done it the right way, and it is how I use the Jaws as a powertool stand.

    You mount the tool on a board (particle board, then either clamp that directly, or add a foot underneath (another lump of 4×2 screwed underneath the board) and clamp onto that. You are then creating a solid bench, and the tool is bolted to that.

    My Steel Cutter and SCMS are both mounted on platforms in this way, and when I want to use them, they get dropped into the Jaws, and clamped up.

    I have a video in production at the moment that shows the Steel Cutter being used in just this way.

  3. Just looking at the Triton website, and noticed that they have an “Ultimate Super Jaws” , to be released late ’08, early ’09. Interesting that it has four feet, adjustable in some way. No photo as yet.

  4. I posted on this back in April, and again in June (including photos).

    Have a look here

    Or type “Ultimate Superjaws” into the search box at the top of the page.

  5. I ordered one. !!!! tracking information says that it should be at my house by this coming Wednesday… I was wondering if you received yours yet and what kind of tests you are performing on this thing …. I’m very excited to see if this Jaw Horse does what it says it can do and if even more than they claim.

  6. Not as yet, but there again I’m not sure how long it takes to get things down under either!

    Sorts of tests I’m thinking of: clamping up tightly on a significant piece of timber and see if it holds without movement, flexing in the unit etc. Ease of engagement/disengagement of the locking mechanism. Any flexing in the foot pedal.

    Given how familiar I am with the SuperJaws, it will not take long to get a good idea if it is comparable, superior or inferior to that, and from there I can begin to formulate an opinion of the unit. I have to be careful not to be too optimistic, but I can’t imagine that (given the pedigree of its designers) it will be inferior to the SuperJaws, and as such, it will be an awesome tool.

    I use my SuperJaws pretty much every time I’m in the shed – whether as a tool stand, clamping up a project, as a vice, as a press, as an anvil etc, so am sold on the concept of the SuperJaws / Jaw Horse. So long as the build quality lives up to the design, I can’t see there will be any issue with this tool.

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