Triton Evening Demo tonight

Heading off shortly to set up for this evening – being held at Pakenham Mitre 10 (rather than the Bunnings I thought it was earlier – seeing as there isn’t one!)

Covering some of the usual suspects, and the newer benchtop tools.

There are some more not far off either, so will start to cover those on here as they become available.

I have some cool new router bits to look at over the next few months, and some more of the 3D router carver templates as well, so that will be a topic that gets a readdress – for those long time readers of the site, it might be interesting seeing the old and new videos alongside each other to see not only how the production has (hopefully) improved, but also the ever-changing background!

I’ve also just received a new drawing board from (which is also available in the US/Canada), and I’ve really been enjoying getting back to using a real pen, pencil and ruler for creating new projects, rather than the digital approach.  It is true 3-point perspective as well, but more on that in the near future.  Good Aussie products!

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