Triton Wood Rack

Just occurred to me that I don’t think I have ever really spoken about the Wood Racks that I use to store timber.  If I have, then even I have forgotten!

I have a couple of Triton Wood Racks, one in the lower shed which is used to store bulk timbers (pine), and one in the main shed for the better timbers.  I actually plan to add an extra set (of two) of the Triton Wood Racks to the main one, so it can cope with all the varying lengths.

There are 6 shelves, each capable of supporting 50kgs. (Of course if I add the extra wood rack in, that will increase overall to 100kg per level, but that isn’t what I need, or intend, just a bonus.

Triton Wood Rack

Triton Wood Rack

The arms do not have to be evenly spaced as shown – there are predrilled holes with this in mind, but you can choose a different layout.  The holes are simply for small self-tapping screws which stop the arms slipping out of location when they are unloaded.  When loaded with timber, the arms themselves transfer the load into the uprights, rather than the small screws.

The distance between the two uprights is completely your choice during installation, and again in my case, adding a second woodrack will give me great flexibility.

It is certainly possible to make your own wood racks, but I find this system simple, cheap, and strong enough not to bother trying to reinvent the wheel.

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