Garage Sale tomorrow (Sat 8 Nov)

Been a busy few days getting ready for this one!  Never done a garage sale before, and given how much crap we seem to have accumulated, looks like we should have had one a long time ago!

If you are interested, it is running from 8am to 3pm, in Carrum Downs.  As mentioned before, not prepared to put my address all over this site (because Google crawls it almost daily these days, so it would be permenantly all over the web), but if you drive along Hall Road (particularly at the shopping centre intersection), you’ll start seeing the (colourful) signs (with arrows, and the address).  Don’t follow any of those other boring, handwritten garage sale signs 🙂

There’s even a 2400w Triton Router in the collection, Triton ROS, Router Table, Triton Power Planer (in its GMC colour scheme 🙂 )

Looking forward to it all being over, and all the stuff gone, so make an offer!  So much is going for $1 or $2 anyway.  Anyway, if you say that you are a Stu’s Shed fan you know I’ll look after you!

On the assumption of crowds of people (I wish), I probably won’t be able to give any tours – have to save that for the (extremely belated (aye Glenn)) Stu’s Shed BBQ.

3 Responses

  1. I’m sad…. wanted to shop at the Shed garage sale …..
    Oh well maybe later 2009 and get the leftovers at bargain prices 🙂

  2. Hey Stu,

    Is that router still up for grabs???

    Whats your target price?


  3. Sorry – router and planer attachment gone.

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