A New Triton Product?

A couple of months ago (according to the article), GMC/Triton became the Canadian distributers for the CarveWright system.



Don’t know anything about the product at this stage, but it kind of looks like a pen draughting printer that uses a small router bit rather than a pen, and cuts into wood rather than drawing on paper.

Carver Bit

Carver Bit

Wonder if it will ever be seen Down Under, in traditional Blue (with carbon fibre shell), or Orange livery?

CarveWright and Triton

CarveWright and Triton

That is certainly a Triton shirt on the right!

All images sourced from www.carvewright.com

Original article about CarveWright and GMC/Triton here.

One Response

  1. The initials WB spring to mind.

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