One on One

I’ve been wondering if there would be any interest in a one (or two) on one woodworking course, particularly for new(er) woodworkers?

The courses I run at Holmesglen will still be continuing, but don’t always get to run as frequently as people might like, and with a (small) group, it isn’t as targetted as one on one can be (obviously).

It could be as short as an hour, through to a full day, all in my workshop. So I thought I’d throw the idea out there and see if there was any interest.

There is certainly plenty of tools to get to play with, become familiar with etc!

8 Responses

  1. I’m definitely interested in this!

    Sent you a pm to your woodwork forums account 🙂


  2. likewise

  3. I would even be interested in many to one courses somewhere close to where I live in Brisbane that don’t cost an arm and a leg. None of the local TAFEs seem to have any.

    Learning through trial and error by myself sucks.

  4. I’d be in that Stu . I’m the first to admit I still have much to learn . So please count me in .

  5. Sounds good Stu, the only problem I see would be insurance.

  6. Yeah, not sure how that one works.

  7. Re: insurance, if you accepted payment then you would be carrying out a business and would not be covered by your public-liability insurance that is part of your house insurance. You would need business insurance which I imagine would be reasonably expensive given that you are using power-tools with beginners.

    None of this is a problem until someone has an accident and wants to sue you. A student might seem like a nice guy, but he might not be so nice if he loses a finger, even if it his own stupid fault.

  8. Hey Stu,

    I was reading through an old copy of Australian Woodsmith and I noticed an ad for insurance for woodworking teachers. Check out the details at: It looks like it is about $250 per year, which may be worth it if you are planning to teach some students from home.

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