One on One

I’ve been wondering if there would be any interest in a one (or two) on one woodworking course, particularly for new(er) woodworkers?

The courses I run at Holmesglen will still be continuing, but don’t always get to run as frequently as people might like, and with a (small) group, it isn’t as targetted as one on one can be (obviously).

It could be as short as an hour, through to a full day, all in my workshop. So I thought I’d throw the idea out there and see if there was any interest.

There is certainly plenty of tools to get to play with, become familiar with etc!

Some more on the Garage Sale

Been doing quite a bit of sorting out of things for the garage sale this weekend, and it is quickly growing bigger than Ben Hur.  Well it might be if anyone turns up!

Thought there might be a few tools in the collection, but wasn’t sure……until I started going through the shed today.

So far the collection includes:

40L GMC Air Compressor & some accessories, 2 jigsaws (one GMC still in its box), a couple of new 3 million candle power torches (can it still be categorised as a torch when it is that bright?!), Triton Router Table (mk3 version), Biscuit Joiner, Jigsaw Table, ROS (random orbital sander), some GMC 10″ saw blades, tool box (old metal one), bunch of ring and open ended spanners and pipe spanners (think that is what they are called), wheelbarrow (essential woodworking tool), Triton planer attachment, GMC tablesaw, GMC workcentre, GMC workshop vac, and there is more out there, just can’t remember off the top of my head.  Oh, and a lawnmower that does go (just).

Then there is all the other household stuff – a computer, scanner, drawing board & T square, a stack of books, videos and on and on.  Guess if you really want to know what there is, you just have to turn up!

If you are wanting to come along, email me – I’m not putting my address all over the web! The garage sale is on Saturday 8 November 8am to 3pm.  South East Melbourne at least will put you in the ball park 🙂

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