November Already


Plenty of stuff to look forward to this month I think.  In the next day or two, I will be starting a new section on here for “Timber of-the-month” as I start to try to improve my knowledge of all things wooden (or at least get to know some of the range of timbers out there, and hopefully start to be able to recognise them, both in an as-cut as well as in a finished form).  Brad’s Burls as I mentioned have been very supportive of the concept, and I’m really excited to see how this project progresses.

The first timber that I have to look at is a fascinating piece of Brown Mallee Burl.

I also have a new router bit from Linbide to review for “Router bit-of-the-month” which is the first bit I’ve had with replaceable carbides.

I haven’t decided on “Tool of-the-month” yet – there are a few potential candidates, so will see what takes line honours.

We are also preparing for a garage sale for next weekend, so it is all go around here!

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