The 200,000

Somehow or other, we have a tie, and both with photographic evidence to prove it.  I guess the counters don’t work as fast as you guys (and girls) hit the site 🙂

As to the winners, I have photographic evidence from both Will and Kevin (you know who you are) that you were the 200,004th visitors (simultaneously), and as they are both the closest to 200k, they will jointly win.

There were a couple of honourable mentions at 200,009 and 200,013 – better luck next time!

Guys, please email me a postal address, and I’ll send out a GMC Powered Tape Measure each.  Don’t put your address into a comment here on the site – I’m sure you wouldn’t want it all around the world!!

Depending on how quickly you get your addresses to me, you should have them before the weekend (depending on Aussie Post of course!).

I will in all likelyhood have another competition in for the 1st quarter of a million hits, which at current rates is likely to be a few days before Christmas.  Not sure what the prize will be as yet, but possibly some Carb-i-tool router bits or something.  Will have a think etc before the time, but keep an eye out for it.

FWIW, last week’s hits were up 17% from the week before, not a bad progression!  If we ever get to the 1st million, I will definitely be seeing what sort of prize pack I can put together!  Put it this way, it will certainly be worth playing for 🙂

Rumour has it….

(and this is COMPLETELY unsubstantiated), that the Triton arm of GMC has been sold as of Thursday.  Buyer and price unknown.  However, I have absolutely no confirmation that this is true (yet), so it may all be wrong.  Of course, it may also all be right too………

Rumours, rumours…….

Melbourne Wood Show, Day 1

Great day at the show – had a blast!

Demoing went ok, need to work out how to draw more of a crowd.  At least tomorrow there is a bit more of interest in the MagSwitch stuff, as in a box right beside me at the moment, I have some of the absolute latest offerings that were air freighted across from the USA, and arrived today (too late to get to the show, but at least will have it there for Saturday and Sunday!)

What else?  I have a very nice, hand-made marking knife by Chris Vesper to use in my Measuring and Set-out demonstration (1100 – 1145 on the Professional Woodworkers Supplies stand).

Sawstop (Gabbetts) are doing 4 firings a day of their Sawstop mechanism, and I have one of the results, complete with embedded brake to hang on the shed wall – will take some photos in a day or two – bit weary tonight!

And a Lidwig clamp to help during some of the setups I am doing as well 🙂

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow – will take the video and try to get a bit of footage.

Are YOU the 200,000th visitor to Stu’s Shed?

As we rapidly approach the 200,000th visitor to Stu’s Shed (and no, my visits do not get counted!), are you the 200,000th? (It will be sometime between now and about Monday evening – currently averaging around 900/day) (If you are not exact, but within a few, give it a try – the closest entry I get will still win, and if it is a tie, I’ll toss a coin or something!)

If you are, (and the counter is on the right hand side of the screen), take a screen shot and email it to me.  If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, try hitting the print-screen button, then open Word, and do “Edit, Paste” (or Control-V).

If that doesn’t work, you could always take a photo of your screen!

Send it in, and I’ll send a (small) prize to you, world-wide!  Everyone is eligible! 🙂

The prize will be a GMC Powered Tape measure.  I know it isn’t a huge prize, but just a bit of fun 🙂

GMC Powered Tapemeasure

GMC Powered Tapemeasure

Oh, by the way, don’t try sending in a Photoshopped image – I have ways of telling them apart…..!!

Update: Looks like we have a tie?!! Will make a new post however announcing the winner(s)!

Melbourne Wood Show, Day 0

My head is buzzing – I LOVE the wood show!  So much to see, so many people to get to chat to, and you get to find out so much too just by listening to the presentations etc.  My first wood show that I went to (a few years ago now), I came away dumbfounded – it took a few days to absorb everything I’d seen and heard. By the end of the week when I had processed it all, I was shattered to think I had to wait a whole year for the show to roll around again.

I called this Day 0, because the show actually starts tomorrow – today was the continuation of setup (I didn’t go yesterday because I was in my shed getting everything ready)

Saw some amazing timbers at Brad’s Burls – bloody dangerous for the wallet!  Might have to pay them another visit…. There are a whole heap of timber places, and plenty of great stock.  And of course lots and lots of tools!  SawStop are setting off their saw 4 times a day, so that is definitely worth seeing in person.  I’ll have to remember to take my video to get at least one shot of the activation.

So much to see, I really can’t cover it all here.  The location (at the Melbourne Showgrounds) is really good – has a great feel, and is much bigger (physically) than Jeff’s Shed, so it doesn’t feel all crammed in together, and also because it is not alongside 5 other Expos running simulatenously, it doesn’t have the feeling of a trade-show turnstile, with one show churned out to replace anohter to keep the $$s rolling.  So quite impressed with it so far, oh, and none of this $15+ parking crap.  $5 all day (afaik).

If you come up to say hi, I’ll certainly try to return the courtesy, but please forgive me if I don’t get to chat for long – I have a pretty full-on demo schedule!

Anyway – roll on tomorrow!  The only sad thing about the show starting means that in 3 days time it will be all over, and I’ll have to wait another year for the next one!

Router Table Digital Height Readout

At the Melbourne show, on the Professional Woodworkers Supplies stand, you will be able to see a prototype of the latest Wixey digital device, which gives you a remote readout for the router bit height on a router table.  Basically, it connects to the table, and as you change the height, the readout gives you the setting, to within 1/10mm.  The scale however is not directly on the device- it is connected to some Cat5 cable (ie ethernet/network cable) so you can position the readout somewhere that is convenient for you to see.

It will currently be fitted to the UniLift, which is what (as I understand) is the sort of router lift it was originally designed to work with (although not specifically the UniLift, so we’ve been brainstorming on the neatest solution for that).  Now, the idea that was arrived at has a massive implication, and I have been looking closely at it today.

As far as I can tell, it should be relatively easy to have this unit fitted directly to a Triton router.

A Triton router with a remote digital height readout, accurate to 1/10mm!  Think about setting up for a job – insert router bit (such as a dovetail bit), zero the scale, then wind the bit to EXACTLY the right height as determined from a previous job, and start routing.  Repeatability, and ease of setup.

Anyway, that’s what I have been working on in my head this morning – thought I’d share it with you.

Triton Show Specials & Stu’s Shed bonus!

Triton have just sent through details of their show specials, and a special offer available only to an exclusive group!

Open the PDF below for the Show Special prices, and print it out & take it to the show for the extra bonus item (GMC Powered Tape Measure) they are offering IN ADDITION to the other bonus deals.

The other show special (available to the “Great Unwashed”) is spend $200 and get a Multistand for $25 (Normally $89) or get a Woodrack for $15 (Normally $59).

The current edition of the Australian Woodsmith magazine also has an offer for spending $300 or more on steel machine stands (choice of 2 types). You will need to buy the mag to get the coupon for the deal.

Of course it isn’t just spending a certain amount on the products shown in the “Show Specials” flyer – it is for all Triton sales at the show.

Quite cool to have GMC / Triton recognising this site in this 🙂

Click on the image below (or the link below that) for the PDF document.  Print it out and take it along to the show for the special (almost exclusive!) offer for Stu’s Shed readers.

Special Triton Show Offer

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