Rockler and the Roving Reporter

Stu’s Shed’s unofficial roving reporter got over to the USA recently, and had an opportunity to get to the Rockler Store (lucky bugger).

So I now have a new cap 🙂 and a very interesting catalog (deliberate use of US spelling 😉 ) from their store.

It kind of looks like a magazine from the 80s!  I am also surprised just how many non-woodworking specific items were listed – toilet roll holders for example.  Guess they were missed from the Carbatec catalogue this year!  Even more disconcerting is amongst that sort of thing, there is a very obviously woodworking related item or section.

However, all that aside, it is fascinating to see the range of products that are available over there.  It is like someone in Australia has gone through the catalog, and circled specific items with “that will work in Oz”.  Also, in reverse, you cruise through their catalog and come across a couple of MagSwitches, or a Triton Woodrack.

It isn’t meant to sound negative either – there is so many interesting items in the catalog that I’d love to have available in Oz.

One of those wood branding irons for example.  “Handmade by Stu’s Shed” perhaps.

However what really caught my attention was actually on the front cover.  A large, solid cast iron router tabletop, and not just as an extra wing for the tablesaw, but a dedicated router table.  Not cheap, but stunning never the less.  I’m sure some would just say – add a permenant motor, and it becomes a standard spindle moulder, and that may be true to an extent, but I’ve never seen a spindle moulder capable of handling an Incra fence.

Given a new router bit I have just received from Linbide to review, I am seriously tempted to add an extra wing on the tablesaw anyway with this bit (semi) permenantly fitted to a second router.  Of course if I did that, my original fence I made (before buying the Incra Wonderfence) would again be useful.  However I can’t remember for the life of me what I dd with it.  Turns out this site can be useful, even to me – just scanned back through a few pages to the last photo of part of the workshop, and found it quietly sitting on a shelf!  A couple of brackets on the back of it, and I’d be able to MagSwitch it to the table easily, using the tablesaw fence and Wixey digital scale for accurate positioning!

The ‘roving reporter’ was also wrapped with a few of his purchases at the store, including some angle brackets and clamps for glueing up brackets, and a polyurethane encased mallet.  More on these later 🙂

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