New products from MagSwitch & Lidwig

A bit more on the new products out there, and these have pretty much gone straight into use in the workshop – solutions to problems I have been working around without even realising it!

MagSwitch Jigs & Solutions

MagSwitch Jigs & Solutions

The first is more using the current items in different ways.  Working from left to right, I have my MagPowerBoard – a standard power board fitted to a piece of crapiata, with 2x 40mm holes cut with a forstner bit, and 2 MagJigs dropped in so I can position the powerboard wherever it is needed.  I’ve screwed them in, but that isn’t critical as they are perfectly capable of staying where they are when fixed in position.

The featherboard is there simply as a convenient storage position.  I have been reluctant to do this in the past, because the original instructions for the MagSwitches said to store them in the off position so as not to degrade their performance.  This is true, so over time they will loose their strength – about 5% loss in 100 years according to the latest from MagSwitch.  Think I can live with that!!!!  So now I’ve got all the hooks etc where I need them, rather than just being used for the job at the time.

So the next thing is on the right side of the table – a MagSquare which is simply holding all my Allen (Hex) keys I need for my Incra Jigs.

Directly under that, is a Gorilla Hook (MagHook) which is holding my pushstick and arbor spanner.  It is right next to the saw power switch, so can be grabbed easily.

Gorilla in the Room

Gorilla in the Room

The hook is substantial – with great holding strength, particularly in this orientation.  It is overkill for its current roll, but it might as well be there doing something I need, until I have another task to assign it.

Might be a very good idea for Triton owners (and others with thin steel tables), as if positioned near where the featherboards will be used, will give them a significant boost in holddown strength through the thin steel.

MagHook and Lidwig Hanger

MagHook and Lidwig Hanger

The last one is an awesome solution.  I have the smaller MagHook (the Power Hook from memory), clamped to the underside of the bandsaw table, and on that is a new “clamp” from Lidwig.  It was being sold as an extension cord hanger, but I’d say it is even better for bandsaw blades.  It is a very easy release (unlike my earlier solution from Bunnings), and given they are all of $8 or so, I will be getting another 3 or 4 I imagine for around the shop – 1 more for the other (Triton) bandsaw, then 2 for extension leads.  I think they are planning on bringing out a bigger one for pneumatic hoses, so will be after one of those as well.

I’ll take some more photos shortly so you can see just how easy they open and close.  Very cool.  My ‘shop feels more organised than ever!  One of the reasons I love the wood show – you see things that fit straight into the workshop brilliantly.

(And yes, my bandsaw blades need some TLC – they are still suffering the effects of the conditions of the old shed).  Met a bandsaw manufacturer at the show as well, so might have some more indepth articles looking into that side of things in the future as well.

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